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‘Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth’ – Muhammad Ali

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After 20 some years in the voluntary sector I’m beginning to understand that what stops us achieving our goals and aspirations isn’t usually about systems, processes or even funding.  It’s about our ability to have really honest and meaningful conversations that enable us to collaborate effectively. Having worked across international aid, disability, animal welfare, local government and heritage I see the same challenges, patterns and opportunities appear, get seized, missed or wrestled with on a regular basis. In my role as a consultant, facilitator, trainer, supportive and critical friend my driving passion is

‘Empowering people to have great conversations so they can conspire together to do fantastic things’.

Originally from Glasgow I moved to London in the 1980’s and to Sussex a decade later where a serendipitous career change in the 1990’s introduced me to the wonderful world of volunteer management.  I’ve had the good fortune to work for some amazing organisations large and small and watch them grow, flourish, change and evolve in equal measure.

I have a very open and honest work style ‘ what you see is what you get’ and enjoy getting to the heart of the matter so I can develop and deliver the best possible solution. Whether designing volunteer programs, supporting problem solving, delivering training or facilitating consultation my aim is always to work collaboratively with stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcome.

I particularly enjoy working one to one as a Visual Coach using the thought sketching process to support individuals and teams to stretch themselves and explore new and previously unimagined directions.

Carol is an inspiring colleague. As a consultant, she quickly gets to grip with client needs, drawing on a rich and diverse range of experience to design and implement plans for change. As a facilitator and trainer, Carol has a knack for engaging and energising groups, creating a space where people can both focus on their own learning experience and benefit from the contribution of others. An expert in accessibility, Carol always ensures everyone feels involved. She brings wisdom to every project, balanced by the essential traits of realism and good humour.

Lynn Blackadder – Coach, Lifespan Coaching

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